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How To Style Our Favourite White Trainers This Winter

How To Style Our Favourite White Trainers This Winter

Want to upgrade your winter look with your favourite pair of white trainers without it costing you an arm and a leg? Here at Online Discount Codes, we provide our customers with discount codes that work so you can rock your favourite kicks without breaking the bank. 

We all adore white trainers, and they are a year-round staple because they are so cool & comfortable. So stay tuned to find out which white trainers you can wear this winter to look as trendy as ever!

Nike Low Tops

Your choice of Nike Low Tops is the perfect place to start. 

Any pair of low Nike trainers work very well with pretty much any outfit, but a pair of cargo pants and long dark socks is just *chef’s kiss*. To finish it off, put on a nice turtleneck to keep you warm and finish with a nice puffer jacket.

Blazer Mid 77’s 

A pair of trainers that will go really well with almost any winter outfit will, without a doubt, be Nike blazer mid 77 trainers – white black sail. These trainers are a slightly different take on a classic white trainer. Whether you’re going out to meet a friend for coffee or you’re heading into the office, these are perfect for the job. And let’s not forget, they are high top so will keep your ankles all nice and warm – something very much needed for the winter! 

Air Forces

It’s cold outside, so you wrap up in your favourite scarf and slip on your Nike Air Forces – no stress! Easy and versatile with the added benefit of making you look effortlessly put together, you can’t go wrong with these trainers.

Jordan 1’s

And let’s not forget about our favourite classic, Jordan 1’s. The most iconic trainers to ever be worn – and ones that you can pair with any outfit.

If you want to keep it trendy and professional, you could put on an overcoat and nice pair of blue jeans, or keep it casual with a sweatshirt. These trainers can be a pricey buy, so make sure you look at our discount codes to help make things a little more affordable.

All in all, white trainers are a staple. No matter the season, you can pair them with any type of outfit for a look that is instantly cool and effortless. Plus, the options are pretty much endless! From Air Forces to Jordans, there’s a white trainer out there for everyone. Find your favourites and don’t forget to use our discount codes when shopping online! To find out more, visit our website.


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