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Why Staying Active Is Good For Your Wellbeing

Why Staying Active Is Good For Your Wellbeing

Staying active is good for you…this is not groundbreaking news.

We are all quite aware of the benefits working out and staying active has on our physical well being. But it is not just our physical well being that is positively impacted when we decide to keep active and go out.

Our entire well being from physical to mental health, enjoys the effects of us staying fit and active. If you have ever noticed how you can feel lethargic and tired after a while of not working out, well, there’s a reason for that. Even a 15-20 minutes of exercise a day, 

However, many of us have started to fall back into old (bad) habits and find excuses not to go. With all the discounts such as a Nike promo code, the justification of high quality, comfortable activewear costing too much is no longer a valid one.

With that in mind, here are a few ways why staying active is beneficial for your well being.

Impact on mood

With lockdown, despite a difficult time for many, quite a few of us found comfort in the opportunity to get out more, break away from everyday life and find the time to stay active. 

Staying fit and active has been known to have overwhelmingly positive effects on our mood, making it easier to feel happier and focused and regulate our moods to prevent drastic mood swings.

Doing regular exercise releases a hormone in our bodies called endorphins. These endorphins reduce the feeling of pain and boost the sense of pleasure and joy, and can vastly improve your mood when released regularly.

So it’s time to get online, find that Nike promo code, get some new gear and get out there and start releasing some endorphins to boost your well being.  

Lower stress levels

So we have all been in stressful situations, it’s not a great feeling, and we want out of it. It can feel like an endless cycle because simply feeling stressed can ironically release more of the stress hormone cortisol because we are often aware that we’re stressed.

Our bodies respond to this by entering their “fight or flight” mode. This can make us feel tired, sweaty, have sleeping problems and even cause loss of appetite. These can all lead to even further health issues and have this repercussion.

However, exercising – even just a simple walk – has been known to relieve this stress and “put the focus of the stress on something else”. A study recently conducted amongst employed adults, showed that those who worked out exhibited less stress-related problems than those that didn’t.

This is why so many employers offer gym membership as a perk of the job. It is primarily to ensure that you use it to relieve stress and work more effectively. 

So that’s the gym membership paid for… Now you just need to find the right gym wear with a Nike promo code, and you’ll be good to go without breaking the bank. Bonus!

Improve self-esteem

Exercise can improve self-esteem and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. But we’re not just talking about enhancing self-esteem by showing off the new gym gear you got at a bargain with your Nike promo code.

The apparent reason is that exercise gets us in shape, so we look good – which means we feel good. This is great, but it’s more about the state of mind that exercise can put us in. Because you don’t need to change the way you look to have self-esteem. It’s about having confidence, feeling strong, and taking care of yourself.

Exercise is viewed as more of a social activity, so whether it is a simple walk, run, or you want to go all-out at the gym. Every one of those activities requires you to go out and be around more people and interact with wider society to some extent.

Reduce anxiety 

Over lockdown, a study was carried out on people that suffered forms of anxiety. They utilised the time they had to go out on walks around their local area and found that their anxiety levels decreased, and they exhibited fewer symptoms. 

It’s not just about feeling comfortable in your own skin to improve your self-esteem but knowing your local surroundings can bring us great comfort, make us feel more secure and safe; this is something that without exercise can be significantly lacking in our lives.

Overall, just ensure you are doing what you can to best look after yourself. It doesn’t have to be this intense workout, something as simple as taking a walk, exploring some new areas and finding the little gems around where you live will do so much more than you think.

The activewear you need shouldn’t hold you back from this, which is why you can always search around for the right Nike promo code to utilise some fantastic savings. A win-win situation as you get to go out and be more active and have saved some money while doing so.


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