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What Is The Best Activewear For Summer?

What Is The Best Activewear For Summer?

Summertime! It’s such a great time of the year; the evenings get longer, the endless BBQ’s emerge, and drinks with your friends in the garden. The inevitable night out that went on too long, and now you can see sunrise..what’s not to like?

Well, one thing that does become quite difficult when things start heating up is exercise. Trying to work out when it starts hitting over 20 degrees can begin to become a challenge. When we sweat, we tire out quicker.

This is why it is so important that we have the right activewear during these hot months so you can still work out properly. With a Nike voucher code to take advantage of plenty of activewear goods, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Compression Socks
There is nothing worse than feeling sticky and sweaty. That goes double if it is on your feet when you are trying to exercise.

Sweating in the feet can lead to other health issues such as swelling, an increase in blisters and even bone pain. So when trying to exercise and keep on top of your fitness, you don’t want these hurdles blocking you from reaching your full potential.

Compression socks are a fantastic way of preventing sweat that can occur over these hot and sunny days. They act as a seal basically to keep any other moisture from entering but are also made with breathable material allowing your feet to feel fresh and exhale any moisture that might build up.

There are plenty of compression socks out there, from the sleek and stylish black to a multitude of weird and wonderful colours to suit your style, and with a Nike voucher code, why limit yourself to just one.

Bike Shorts
When running or exercising in the heat, the last thing you want to feel is confined and constrained by your clothes. Tight fitting leggings can feel like you have no freedom or breathing room and can impact the endurance you put yourself through exercise

Bike shorts have been such a great innovation in the exercise world that gives us the best of both worlds. It keeps everything tidy and together while at the same time offering flexibility and breathing room.

You never feel constrained by them, and more importantly, it feels breezy and airy so that you are not entirely too sweaty from the glaring sun while trying to do your morning run or walk.

Bike shorts offer something for everyone, and they don’t have to break the bank with a Nike voucher code; you can be living a breezy life.

The Sports Bra
Sports bras can be the saviour we all need during the summer!

A sports bra is such a versatile piece of gym wear that is especially beneficial in the heat. It offers freedom of movement during a workout and reduces constraints for running, weight lifting, and other workouts.

Not only is a sports bra great for a workout and reduces the sweat in the heat, but it can also be a modest fashion choice and has flexibility on where and how you can wear it.

With plenty of colours and brands to choose from for the level of support you need, you are spoilt for choice (which is where a good Nike voucher code comes into play) for your next fashion piece. All you have to do is choose your favourite style!

Just remember to stay healthy and safe as we go through summer and find ways to work out. Whatever you are wearing, if you feel too hot or sweating too much, take a break! In the long run, it will be so much better for your health.

Make sure you have a wide selection of workout gear to choose from as you will sweat through a lot, but do the smart thing and take advantage of a Nike voucher code, so you don’t have to pay loads while we get through this heat.


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