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How To Choose The Best Festival Shoes

How To Choose The Best Festival Shoes

The strobe lights, the deep bass, that one lost friend in the crowd because they needed to go to the toilet and lost their group and the inevitable creased, dirty and impossibly muddy footwear. 

Yes. Music festivals are back!

But music festivals and muddy trainers go hand in hand. So how do you pick the right shoe without compromising style and keep my trainer collection clean this festival season?

A musical festival for the many is an excuse to let go of your inner inhibitions completely. They are a rush of endorphins and a sense of liberation as you sing, dance, jump as your favourite artists, explore alternative festival fashion trends, and surround yourself with like-minded carefree others.

However, the immediate aftermath when you leave that technicoloured tent is “My trainers are ruined!”

Whilst you may not be wishing that you had worn cheaper trainers or bought your pristine white air force 1’s at a reduced Nike discount code, to soften the blow that they are now mocha brown. It’s ultimately too late. 

The mud, alcohol and questionable other things at these events will have tarnished and forever changed your view of your once fresh pair of creps. 

So to prepare for your next festival excursion and save your trainer collection from another festival casualty, here are some tips for preserving and protecting your trainers and some suggestions on which footwear is festival proof. Or, where to source those stylish trainers if you’re looking to impress on a budget! 

Firstly, Think Smart!

Whilst you may want to wear your best, latest and most expensive trainers to a festival… Just don’t. 

Although they are likely high quality and bound to impress unless you are willing to stand out away from the crowd and with a plastic bag around your feet, they will inevitably have some scuffs and mud on them.

Pick a shoe that is a dark colour and a durable material; something that will wipe clean or even machine wash is a bonus. So a black leather trainer or black canvas shoe is perfect! 

Or, if you’re obsessed with the idea of wearing the latest footwear and looking your absolute best, the best bet is to snag yourself a deal using a Nike discount code or similar offer for these iconic brands. It’s the perfect way to look great, feel great and save a penny or two. 

Protect Your Shoe

A weatherproof or water-resistant footwear protection spray will give you the best chance of minimising the amount of dirt on your trainers.

No one can say that this will protect your trainers entirely; if you want to wear them again after a festival, this will give you a fighting chance of restoring your shoe to its former glory.


When in doubt, the faithful trainer never lets us down. 

While you’re trying to avoid those unsuspecting deeper mud puddles, a good quality pair of trainers are comfortable so that you can wear them all day without those day-ruining blisters, and if you get an easy-clean pair, then you’re laughing. 

On the subject, iconic brands like Nike offer high quality, long-lasting trainers that go with just about everything. Not just the perfect option if you’re aiming for your next personal best, Nike trainers are comfortable, designed for longevity, and stylish, to top it all off.

Haven’t thought about Nike because of the price tag? 

Well, this is where you can use your Nike discount code. It’s the easy solution to the question of sourcing high-quality but relatively affordable footwear for your festival excursions!

Ultimately it’s important to wear what is a sensible choice and what you are comfortable in.

However, to sum up, we can’t ignore one particular festival shoe.

In times of a particularly wet, muddy festival, all of the above tips go out the window…

The Wellies reign supreme!


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