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Gym Workout Gear Tips For Winter

Gym Workout Gear Tips For Winter

The days may be getting shorter and colder, but for many people regular exercise and workouts don’t stop. Though it can be a lot harder to motivate yourself to get to the gym during the winter months, exercising during this time of year has many health benefits, including boosting energy levels and helping to prevent SAD (seasonal affective disorder). One of the best ways to motivate yourself for workouts during the winter months is to buy new gym workout gear to suit the season. 

The unlimited number of options available is often rather overwhelming, but there are some definite staples to have in your workout wardrobe. It comes down to knowing what to look out for and finding items that will actually benefit you during winter. Don’t forget to use Nike Discount Codes wherever you are to save money on winter workout gear! 

Keep on reading to discover the five most important gym gear tips for the cold months, below. 

Invest In A Warm Parka

Nike’s Down Parka is a fantastic choice when thinking about keeping warm during the winter, especially when you’re on your way to the gym and that icy cold breeze hits, you want to make sure you’re prepared. This Down Parka is designed to keep the warmth trapped inside and has an elongated fit, which allows more of your body to feel warm and snug! An added bonus is the waterproof feature that is a necessity during the grey winter when the weather is unpredictable. 

Staying warm is undoubtedly the most important gym workout gear tip, mainly because if you feel cold, you’re likely to feel grumpy and unmotivated too.

Don’t Forget About Your Hands

More often than not, people tend to dress every part of their body, except for their hands. When it’s the middle of winter and you’re out for a run, you may want to consider a good pair of gloves.

The Therma-Sphere pair from Nike is a wise choice for adding to your workout gear because of its lightweight design. It has been created with a material on the fingertips that allows you to use your phone’s touchscreen while wearing them – perfect for changing your motivational music during workouts!

Achieve A Combination Of Warm And Practical

Gym workout gear for the winter months can quickly get impractical if you’re layering up too much, resulting in restrained movement. The key is to find the gear that’s warm but not limiting.

Try out Nike’s Therma Training trousers. These are created for the warmth in a way that manages to draw off sweat without any hassle. They are made from fleece, which is the ultimate source of heat, and the stretch in them makes them super comfortable to exercise in.

Choose The Optimum Workout Top

When choosing your workout gear, you have the right to be picky. Naturally, what you wear should be comfortable and fit with ease. As soon as you get too complicated with gym workout gear, the motivation for your workout has probably gone out the window.

For a top suited to the cold weather, a Nike Run Division is a good option. It has a zip from the chest, up to the neck, so your neck is automatically covered. Additionally, the arm length is longer than usual to cover the hands more and to create a space for your thumb to come through.

Try Something New

Finally, just because it’s gym wear you’re after does not mean you can’t have fun with it. For something different, Nike’s AeroLoft Gilet offers a good balance between warmth and cooling down. It protects your chest and keeps it warm, but the sleeveless aspect is perfect if you easily get too hot when exercising in winter. It’s also quite fashion-forward. So, if stylish gym gear is your thing, you will love this even more.

The winter months can be tough on everyone; both physically and mentally. When it comes to your exercise routine though, winter should not stop your progress. With these five tips, your gym workout gear will be ready to go as the cold properly hits.


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