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How to Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B

How to Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B

Follow the instructions in this article to fix the ever so annoying 98D2586B error when attempting to checkout on Nike.

Why does the 98D2586B error appear?

First let us tell us explain what exactly this error means, and why you may receive the error. Nike is offering very limited support themselves on this error and not really telling anyone exactly what it means despite hundreds of thousands complaints from customers.

This error usually appears when your are placing an order on Nike but you have already placed another “discounted” order recently. Nike has implemented this system to try and restrict the bulk buyers who resell Nike items for profit using discount codes. When you receive the error you are temporarily banned from placing a Nike order. Nike is using there automated system to link orders to the same individual, so if Nike believe you have placed a discounted orders recently, and you are trying to place another one, often this is when you will receive the error.

NOTE: Some customers are receiving the error even if they are not placing multiple orders, and this is a fault with Nike’s system, however you can still use the solution’s mentioned below to fix.

How to Fix

As officially recommended by Nike Customer Support. Nike insist to wait 72 hours before attempting to place another order if you have received this error code. However there are other ways to circumvent this error.

Follow the steps below, and continue with the next steps if the error still occurs.

  1. Close all of your web browsers, and open a new PRIVATE browsing window in Safari/Chrome/Firefox, now you can attempt to checkout again. If the problem still occurs then proceed to the next step.
  2. Repeat step 1 again, so you have a new browsing session, enter your personal details such as billing/shipping address but this time slightly alter the way you write your address, for example if your address line 1 is: “100 Green Lane” try entering “Green Lane 100”, don’t worry your order will still be delivered and it may be enough to allow the Nike system not to block your order again.
  3. If the problem still persists, this time enter a random phone number, and enter a different email address then you usually use. The trick is to try and use as much “new” data as possible because Nike is using your data to associate you with other orders.
  4. Error still appearing? Try to use all the different payment methods, such as Card, ApplePay, PayPal and lastly try Klarna, Klarna usually works and don’t worry you don’t have to sign up, just select the “Pay after Delivery” option.
  5. Lastly if the problem still occurs, repeat step 1 again, this time when checking out, do not enter your address. You can select to “Collect” your shipment from a local post office or collection point, this will allow you to type in an address near your shipping address.

Following these steps should allow you to fix the error.

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