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How to Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B

How to Fix Nike Error Code 98D2586B

Follow the instructions in this article to fix the ever so annoying 98D2586B error when attempting to checkout on Nike.

Why does the 98D2586B error appear?

First let us tell us explain what exactly this error means, and why you may receive the error. Nike is offering very limited support themselves on this error and are not really telling anyone exactly what it means despite hundreds of thousands complaints from customers.

This error usually appears when your are placing an order on Nike but you have already placed another “discounted” order recently. Nike has implemented this system to try and restrict the bulk buyers who resell Nike items for profit using discount codes. When you receive this error you are temporarily banned from placing a Nike order. Nike is using there automated system to link orders to the same individual, so if Nike believe you have placed a discounted order recently, and you are trying to place another one, often this is when you will receive the error.

NOTE: Some customers are receiving the error even if they are not placing multiple orders, and this is a fault with Nike’s system, however you can still use the solution’s mentioned below to fix.

How to Fix

As officially recommended by Nike Customer Support. Nike insist to wait 72 hours before attempting to place another order if you have received this error code. However there are other ways to circumvent this error.

Follow the steps below very carefully, each step is very important and must be repeated for every order you place on Nike:

  1. Close all of your web browsing windows.
  2. Open a new private browsing window.
  3. Disable any Ad blocker extension if you have one installed.
  4. Change your IP address (resetting your internet router should give you a new IP).
  5. Checkout on when entering your shipping and billing address, make sure the address is spelt differently then you normally use. For example if you normally write “123 Park Lane” you can enter “The Unit, 123 Park Lane” because “The Unit” does not exist, don’t worry the item will still be delivered. For each order you place change “The Unit” to something else that you can make up yourself.
  6. Make sure you follow step 5 for both the billing and shipping address.
  7. Always use the Nike discount account email address, do not re-use the same email for multiple orders.
  8. Use a random fake phone number, don’t worry its not required.
  9. When checking out, rotate between different payment methods, for example use Card, then use PayPal, then use Klarna, rotate through all of your different cards.
  10. Now you can try to submit the order.

Still receiving the error? If you are still receiving the error, please follow the more advanced steps below:

  1. Repeat the steps above, then come back to here.
  2. Use a new Nike discount code or account.
  3. Try to change the device you are using to checkout, mobile devices usually work best.
  4. Use 3G/4G internet if possible to checkout to ensure your IP address is not banned.
  5. Change the way you enter your name, for example “John Smith” or “J Smith” or “J Thomas Smith” you can try all combinations, change it for every order.
  6. Try to checkout again.

Still receiving the error? If you are still receiving the error, please follow the final steps below:

  1. If you are still receiving the error its time to change your address and payment completely. If possible then use a friend or family members card, name and address for your Nike order. If this is not possible then you can use the “Collect” option so you can collect your order at your local post office or store.
  2. When using the “Collect” option, make sure you enter all fake data in the checkout form, you can use an address near to your address but don’t use your own address because it looks like Nike have banned you. Just make sure you enter a correct name as shown on your ID so that you can pickup the order from the post office.
  3. Finally you need to change your payment method, there are many online banks that you can use such as where you can get a virtual credit card instantly, this card can be used with any address so it works perfectly with the steps mentioned above.
  4. Try to checkout again, if the problem still occurs then we highly recommend waiting 72 hours and starting again, if after 72 hours you cannot checkout then we advise to contact Nike live support.

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