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Trainer Brands You Should Try In 2022

Trainer Brands You Should Try In 2022

Every now and again, we look at our old trainers collecting dust and think maybe it’s time for a new pair. So let’s start the year right and find the perfect trainers to motivate you to create the best ”you”.

You might be thinking now is the perfect time to invest in some new shoes, but what are the best trainer brands you should go for? Especially when we’re talking about voucher codes for trainers with 2022 just on the horizon.

We think that it’s time like these when those smaller, but no less quality, brands need to be shouted about. While we’re massive fans of Nike and Adidas, we also love these little-brother companies for the quality and style they bring to the trainer industry. So, let’s take a look!


One brand to look out for is Eastbay. They sell athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and private-label merchandise for numerous sports. Maybe it is time to take a different approach to your fashion choices and trainers from an established brand. Do sports highly influence what you wear? Or maybe you feel more comfortable in sports clothing compared to a shirt, tie and boots?    

Then Eastbay is something to look out for for the sporty people out there looking for comfort and mobility over all other things.


Looking for a brand with more variety than FootLocker might be for you this 2022. 

Not only does this brand cover sportswear and trainers, but it also has incorporated lounge, active and outwear clothing, not to mention a variety of other brands for footwear. The popular Jordans A1’s and Reebok Question Mid’s, just to name a few. 

Footlocker has many options to get you out of your comfort zone and look fresh with something that stands out this new year. So why keep going back to the same old brands and trainers when you can push the boundaries a little and experiment with something new, exciting, and more like ”you”.

If these brands stand out to you, maybe it’s time to give them a go, and let not forget that with Nike Discount Codes, there is never the need to purchase full prices! 

Find the perfect discount code from 10% up to 50%, which covers international countries as well. So your favourite brands are waiting for you. No location is too far with the correct discount code!

The Low Down

In conclusion, 2022 has a lot on offer for us in terms of trainers. It is up to you if you are willing to experiment with new brands that may or may not push your boundaries. Eastbay and Footlocker are a few to mention that can give you a different look and feel to what you used to, and this can be a good thing. 

With all these options on the horizon, there is more opportunity to give them ago without the stress of having to pay full prices.  Online shopping will always be easy and work for you. Here at Nike Discount Codes, you can enjoy globally recognised labels and high-quality fashion and sportswear, but at guaranteed discounted prices.


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