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How to place an order on using a discount code.

How to place an order on using a discount code.

Placing an order on using a discount code is very easy, but there are a few rules that you may want to follow especially if you are placing alot of orders and reselling Nike products.

If you are a normal Nike customer then you can usually checkout as normal without any issues, However if you’re placing alot of Nike orders and taking advantage of discount codes regularly then please follow the rules below.

  1. Close all your browsers (yes you MUST ensure ALL browser windows are closed before proceeding, this is very important)
  2. Open a new PRIVATE browsing session (step 1 is required otherwise the session will not be cleared)
  3. Visit and add the products to your cart then enter your promotion code (or login to the account if you was provided an account instead of a code)

It’s really as simple as that, follow these rules everytime you place an order.


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