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Working From Home Looks From Nike

Women Working Out From Home Nike

Working From Home Looks From Nike

Working from home is the new norm. Not only has 2020 brought a whole new meaning to work-life balance, but it has also brought the urgent need for comfortable WFH attire. 

While there may be more on your mind than what you should wear today, working from home outfit ideas could help your productivity and overall well being. 

If you’ve been working in your PJs up until now, don’t worry – everyone’s been there. It’s time to lose this habit though and gain control by changing up your work uniform to suit your new environment – and with Nike Discount Codes, you can rejig your wardrobe for the new normal for less! 

Look 1: Comfort over everything

Trying to accommodate your work clothes into your home office doesn’t need to be an unpleasant task. Suits, ties, heels, and even jeans don’t have to come near your body (unless that’s what you want). But really, anything is better than pajamas. For a comfortable outfit that will allow you to get stuff done and feel good simultaneously, try these sportswear trousers with a casual top. The trousers have a comfortable, stylish fit, and will keep you thriving in your daily tasks. When you feel comfortable it’s that much easier to get things done.

Look 2: Colourful and classy

If you miss getting dressed up for the office but feel it’s kind of pointless doing that at home, incorporate some colour into your clothes. Including colour will quickly lift your mood and your motivation. This is a great option for any working from home outfit ideas. Throw on a bright hoodie for a chillier day, or when you go for your daily walk. Stick to a style that’s simple but fun and classy. This will transfer into your environment and give you a taste of getting to dress up again!

Look 3: It’s all in the shoes

Working from home may tempt you into keeping your slippers or sliders on all day, but try and steer clear of this. Don’t stop at the feet when you’ve already made it so far. A pair of comfortable trainers will make you feel grounded and ready to take on the day. Try something like these trendy Air Max Plus ones. They’re nifty enough to keep you ahead of the times but practical enough to maintain your professional attitude throughout the day.

Look 4: Keeping it simple

For something easy and quick to throw on before your morning Zoom meeting, a simple T-shirt style dress is a go-to. Out of all the working from home outfit ideas around, this is the best casual option for a casual Friday. This Nike one maintains its feminine touch with a drawstring element, allowing you to cinch in your waist slightly if desired and preserving your female figure. Otherwise, keep it effortless with the looser alternative. Either way, your comfort, and flair remain intact.

When you start working from home, the idea of getting dressed just to move to another room may seem unnecessary. However, there are many professionals who suggest otherwise. 

When you get dressed you mentally prepare for the day, whether you’re leaving the house or not. It’s important to remember this and understand the psychological impact behind it.

This list is in no way exhaustive and there are endless working from home outfit ideas that you can choose from. You can opt for gym tights over jeans and trainers over heels – anything that will get you out of your pajamas and onto that Zoom call. 

This year has certainly thrown a curveball to people worldwide, but with a good outfit to spend your day in, you can tackle 2020 and show it who’s boss.


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